"Timely and fresh insights into raising godly men."    -  Linda Evans, New York

"Total paradigm shift!  I see my son with new eyes."  - Kimberly Longwood, Georgia

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Danielle Rittman delivers bold and brash motherly principles for cultivating the genius in our sons. This book is transformative in that it elevates your mindset to approach parenting fearlessly and intentionally. Moreover, it's a rallying cry to matriarch all over the world to operate in their potency and efficacy as women and mothers to raise a new breed of men. 

If the saying is true, "A good man is hard to find," the author proposes a plan to improve the odds for future generations and change the course of human history toward godly values and selfless love. She shares fresh insights and time-tested strategies to:

·      Overcome plaguing fears and doubts associated with raising sons
·      Deal with hyperactivity and ADHD without medication
·      Promote self-discipline and inner peace
·      Declutter your life and energize your mind, body, and spirit
·      Understand keys differences between males and females
·      Find bliss and ease in parenting intentionally

Danielle has done a masterful job at providing a good balance of colorful stories, sage suggestions, and powerful strategies to help moms maximize their parental effectiveness and create a better world. Whether you are an at-home mom or work outside the home, this book will stir your soul and elevate your perspective to see the endless rewards of parenting to create a prosperous legacy.

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