Intentional Parenting



Refine Your Parental Style

Expand your parenting potential, effectiveness, and power!  Express your current parenting style more clearly and succinctly.  Each parenting style is marked by unique child-rearing qualities.  Some styles are more advanced than others and take longer to become an authentic part of your life; however, each style is learnable! 

Parental Style Profile (PSP) Full Version & Report

Do you want to refine your parenting style and expand your child-rearing qualities?  Take the FULL VERSION of the Parental Style Profile!  After you self-rate your current parenting traits online, you will receive a comprehensive report of your score result. 


The Parental Style Profile Report identifies your dominate parental style, which is calculated based on your score results. Additionally, the report reveals your statistics, strengths, and opportunities for growth.  Receive all of this information in a user-friendly report that will be received within 24 hours via email after you complete the PSP online.

BONUS:  The PSP also includes FREE access to the 7 Parenting Styles Video and 50% OFF your first 30-Minute Coaching Session.

One-on-One Coaching Session

Work through your most challenging problems with an Intentional Parenting Coach, and Get Clarity about your next steps to guiding your son on a more productive and fulfilling path.  Find Your Power and Your Voice to effect change in your son's life!

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