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Your son will breathe life into his game design idea for a 2D platformer game using the Unity game engine and take the first steps toward studio-level development.  He will learn various aspects of game design such as coding, video game sound design, and art, and he will have an opportunity to dive deeper into one of those three disciplines by participating in a subgroup of either coders, sound designers, or artists.  


By working together with his peers, your son can find out what parts of game development he enjoys the most.  Instead of being just a gamer who wasted his summer bingeing on the creativity of others,  he will build his competencies in teamwork, programming, sound design, art, game design and so much more. 


This program is 100% online and is open to boys between the ages of 13 and 17 years old.  He will need a computer and Internet access to join the team.  Space is limited to 9 students, so complete the form below to request a spot for your son.  Within 48 hours of submitting your request, you will be either receive an electronic invoice for payment because space is available or a notification that your son has been placed on a waiting list. 

Course format:  100% online

Length:  2 weeks, M-F, 2-hours each day

Course cost:  $250

Course dates and times:  Select your preference below